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ATMA company is a deliver of Health products, especially Yogi Tea formulas, to Russia. ATMA Society is a sphere of physical, social, soul and spiritual health.

ATMA is a company, that helps to create and grow the society of people that use the best goods, services and the best methods of providing health and also deliver all that. The idea of our society in summarize of opportunities of every Member in sphere of real health, that we understand as a harmony of physical, social, soul and spiritual aspects of our being. ATMA is as Society, that giving her Members of social growing inside it. The name of Company means SOUL in ancient Slavic.

Does the person really aspire to the purposes? What does he need the external achievements for? And it is possible, that the purposes are necessary for private means?! Perhaps we wish to be SIMPLY HAPPY?!
In order to communicate free and mach, to travel, to participate in club events, it is necessary to have a constant source of the income, which will allow to have a free time. External business (golden and red parts of a portal) and internal development (green and dark blue parts of a portal) should harmoniously supplement each other.
Our business (click red and golden buttons from above):
Yogi Tea, cosmetics, the biological products, useful devices, consultations on a health questions, yoga.
Our hobbies (click green and dark blue buttons from above):
Club meetings, training-tours, acquaintances, psychological Games, photo, arts, music.
Our charity: ATMA-INFO 788-3777
`s Colleagues are the enthusiasts of improving movement. We use high-quality production and services, organizers and participants of educational programs of our club.

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+7 (919) 777-0908

Club Community ATMA

The Company ATMA is a Community of people, which wants to live long and delightful, which wants to become wiser, more capable, more interesting every year and simply better. The Community ATMA is everything that is necessary for a beautiful and effective life. We create it for ourselves, for our favorites, friends and relatives. Let's do it together!

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